Why visit france

But do the figures tell the real story of France's table topping tourism industry. How to move in Paris To and From Paris at the airport Most international flights land and leave from Charles de Gaulle airport, which is situated 30km 19 miles north-east of Paris.

Shop at Markets Virtually every town in France boasts some type of weekly market where you can haggle over vintage bric-a-brac, sample gourmet delicacies or taste local wines. Relax at Beaches Put on your most elegant suit and shades and sunbathe with the rich and famous in St. Travellers from another of France's neighbours, Germany, made up 13 million visitors to France last year, more than any other country.

What makes it so popular. Despite being the world's most visited country, France is hoping to boost its tourism numbers still further.

You can even find good wines in supermarkets for less than 10 euros. However, not all these visitors are coming to see France itself. The caves in this area are famous for the art etched into their walls and estimated to be over 17, years old.

Although France is known primarily for Gothic cathedrals, you will see churches from a variety of other architectural styles, such as Romano-Byzantine and modernist. But is it still the case, or is it just stubborn reputation. It has Paris, old types of villages, big cities full of museums, art galleries, basilicas, monuments to visit.

And once you taste the real French croissant and baguette you will never come back to the copies you can find in your country. There's something about Paris France knows this and is keen to protect its status as the world's food capital, as evidenced by its recent "homemade" food label scheme designed to discourage chefs from using frozen or ready-prepared ingredients.

From the lofty heights of haute cuisine in the Eiffel Tower to the humble croque monsieur in a traditional Parisian bistro to the cool international character of the 13th arrondissement, Paris is a city bursting with flavor.

The same is with French castles…there is no place in the world which have better and more beautiful chateaux then France. You see it in the architecture of the city, in the museums and in the culture. France is not, however, the country with the most borders in Europe.

So I felt in love in France. Why is French food so boringasked Lizzie Porter in an article earlier this year. When it comes to cheeses, there are around traditional types of cheeses as well with Camembert, Brie, Roquefort and Boursin among the most popular.

It's the romance of sitting in a cafe reading all afternoon, it's the romance of neighborhoods packed with impoverished writers or a shadowy jazz club open all night. France is one of the most diverse places in the planet.

France has a great cuisine with the Pop of Gastronomy. Luxembourg actually has more Michelin stars per capita. Reopening after a five-year renovation, it displays regional and international artworks from prehistoric times to the present day.

Ten reasons you should visit France in 2016

Ten French Unesco sites you won't have heard of But do the stats tell the real picture. For France to squeeze more money out of visitors Arino says it needs to improve the variety and prices of the accommodation it offers, encourage people to stay longer by giving them a warmer welcome, and make France more competitive in terms of value for money.

So why visit Paris. Even if food were the only reason, you would still visit Paris. Did I mention it has this so famous Eiffel Tower…oh yes. The Paris metro network connects at several points in Paris with the RER, the commuter trains that go from the city center to the suburbs.

Six reasons why France is top tourist destination

Tropez or Cannes on the French Riviera. That's a figure accepted by Abta, the association of travel agents and tour operators, who believe Spain was already proving more popular than France way back in Protourisme's Arino, however is not getting carried away with the figures.

Ten reasons you should visit France in 2016

Anyway if you have a chance to visit, go for a great French experience, so unique and different. Visitors can learn about wine and culture using interactive displays, before enjoying a view over the city — and the region's vineyards — from the observation deck or the seventh floor restaurant. A former convent and the municipal baths have been redesigned and a new building constructed to better present the museum's impressive collections, which include the Isenheim Altarpiece, a sixteenth century altarpiece and the Unterlinden's most famous work.

Could it be France. And all that translates into a rich tapestry are tapestries ever anything else?. France recorded million visitors to their country last year, according to the United Nations World Tourism Organization.

Only one other nation surpassed 70 million mark - the US, with It's not really a question of why visit Paris, rather why would you not. From the Romans and the Sun King to Napoleon and modern French presidents, each of France's rulers has left their imprint on Paris.

You see it in the architecture of the city, in the museums and in the culture. France is the number one tourist destination in the world, but should you really go visit it? Let’s explore some probably reasons why you shouldn’t – and why you should. (Author’s note: this article is written in a tongue-in-cheek manner and may not work well with some readers.

17 reasons why France is so popular Save France is the world's most visited country. Here's 50 reasons to visit France you never thought of.

26 Maypm The best French Riviera resorts. 33 reasons why you must keep visiting Paris • Why France is better than Britain. French waiters: and the most appealing to visit.". Nice is a wonderful place to visit. Situated on the French Riviera, it has everything you need for a great time – stunning beaches, sensational bars and restaurants, amazing views, and wonderful culture.

Here are our top 10 reasons to go.

5 Reasons to Visit France

Nice’s carnival is one of the biggest in the world and.

Why visit france
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