Why stalin and not trotsky was able to succeed lenin

Lenin in power was not the same as Lenin before he exercised power. For the latter was not another Lenin.

Stalin: Why and How

But the end result remains: In this role he did very well, and as time went on his duties became more complex. Emelyan Yaroslavskyalso an ally of Stalin, as a member of the Presidium of the Executive Committee of the Communist International orchestrated Trotsky's expulsion in Stalin had became editor of the Party newspaper, Pravda, and he was co-opted by Lenin onto the Party Central Committee just after the Prague conference ofat which the Bolsheviks broke permanently with the other Marxist factions.

Kalinin and Vorishilov joined the Politburo, and the suddenly weakened Kamenev and Zinoviev turned to Trotsky for support, forming a "United Opposition" in the summer of Kaganovich announced that the Orgraspred had arranged the assignments of approximately eleven thousand Party workers in the preceding two years.

Leon Trotsky

To this monstrous etatist construction corresponded an aberrant ideology, a verbal pseudo-Marxism, simplistic and caricatural, of which Lenin was equally the theoretical and practical creator.

Obsessed by his historical reminiscences, Jacobinism and the Paris Commune, he was to advocate the terror. They wrote open letters acknowledging their mistakes and were readmitted to the Communist Party in Juneafter a six-month cooling-off period. For there was Siberia and Siberia — habitable places, and deprived regions where a stay for civilised Europeans was equivalent to a slow death.

However, as Lenin sickened and died, the mutual antagonism between Trotsky and Stalin, who had never been compatible, deepened into a life-and-death struggle. His amazing success can be attributed to a combination of his own political genius and the mistakes that his rivals persisted in making.

Ever since declaring his struggle against the leading "troika" [8] that posed as the exclusive guardian of Lenin's thoughthe had not ceased criticising, then denouncing and accusing the Communist bureaucracy, bureaucratism, in short the apparatus.

These various structures fitted together and were mixed up as in an apparently inextricable labyrinth, but one for which the Secretariat, its Orgbureau and its Orgraspred while it still existed held Ariadne's thread.

Rise of Joseph Stalin

He has to leave, break his attachments to family and friends, and lead his wife and children to vegetate together in misery close to the Arctic Circle, deprived of the slightest comfort, of relations, of intellectual resources.

Yakovlev, Tsell' zhizni; zapiski konstruktora, Moscow,p.


Kamenev, who spoke most sharply in criticism of Stalin at the Congress, was punished by demotion from full member to candidate member of the Politburo.

The personality of Stalin was quite important for his emerging as a leader of the Soviet Union. Stalin published theses by Lenin, but altered them to make them softer opposed to aggressive, which was more consistent with the party line.

Though General Secretariat was a very important position within the party, he wanted more and it was his desire of power and his skills as well as his cunning that made him to take an advantage of all changes in the party; moreover he removed people who he considered a threat out of his way.

Feb 02,  · Well, the word "succeed" in this case does not mean to be successful, in this instance it means "to follow," so, yes, Stalin followed, or "succeeded" Lenin as the Premier of the Soviet Union, although Rykov and Molotov were in between them (see link, below).Status: Resolved.

Why Stalin Emerged as the Sole Leader of the U.S.S.R. and Not Trotsky Words | 2 Pages.

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Why Stalin Emerged as the Sole Leader of the U.S.S.R. and Not Trotsky Trotsky was a leading Bolshevik and played a pivotal role in the revolution, persuading Lenin to delay the revolution until the Bolshevik’s had a much stronger place in the country.

In my opinion he was just very bad at social situations and possibly verged on autism, which is why he did not go to the funeral to mourn, did not even try to build a strong power base within the Bolsheviks and didn't use Lenin's name as a cult of personality in order to gain support like Stalin did.

Trotsky failed to attend the funeral after Stalin lied to him over the date, this was a major blow to Trotsky’s reputation as it was assumed he must not have cared about Lenin. Stalin was able to succeed the power struggle through the flaws of his biggest opposition, Trotsky.

Why Stalin, and not Trotsky or Bukharin, Emerged as Lenin’s Successor Essay - Why Trotsky and Bukharin Were Defeated by Stalin in the Struggle to Succeed Lenin as Leader of U.S.S.R.

Both Trotsky and Bukharin were defeated to the leadership of the USSR because of the brutal tactics used by Stalin to succeed Lenin.

Why didn't trotsky succeed lenin when he died?

Why Stalin was Able to Win the Power Struggle with Trotsky The Bolsheviks, the ruling party of the Soviet Union, was lead by the Lenin. When Lenin died in January ofhe left behind no clear successor, and vague indications of his intended plans for the Bolshevik party.

Why stalin and not trotsky was able to succeed lenin
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