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When she was nearing the end of her life, I am saddened to say that she was accused of many things, things which I should have known not to be true.

Perilous expeditions and distant voyages were every day undertaken from hope of plunder, or mere love of enterprise; and from these the adventurers returned with tales of "antres vast and deserts wild — of cannibals that did each other eat — of Anthropophagi, and men whose heads did grow beneath their shoulders.

In addition, we know Desdemona has deceived her father for good reasons—she loves the Moor, who is worthy of being loved; her father never considers Othello as a potential son-in-law despite regarding him as a worthy friend.

Desdemona is apparently unaware that she is destroying her husband by being herself. Desdemona serves the function of a weapon for Iago. She was a very significant person to all of us here, along with so many others.

Was it because he has lived a life of adventure and war and he is somewhat exotic due to his origins and dark complexion. Desdemona was one to always see the good in others and support them no matter what.

Shakespeare/Desdemona: Loyal Wife of Othello term paper 1531

Shakespeare term papers Disclaimer: Emilia may declare herself willing to lie with another man if her husband could be advantaged by the act, but Desdemona rejects the idea: As a young and exquisitely beautiful woman she was also accused of many things that I now come to believe untrue.

Desdemona has gone home now, guided by her faith and by the light of those whom she has loved and lost. Desdemona does not blame him; she tries to understand what has upset him.

Lastly, there exists a minor, but quite important touch at the conclusion of the scene. Desdemona makes a perfectly clear declaration: She is upset by the alteration in her husband, but excuses him. At the period of the story a spirit of wild adventure had seized all Europe.

Eulogy: Love and Long Remember Desdemona

There is also Scot, who is defined by his rage towards the English; and lastly, there is the German who apart from drinking does nothing else. Words are with her the vehicle of sentiment, and never of reflection; so that I cannot find throughout a sentence of general application.

On the other hand, is it because she fell head over heels in love with him because he represented all that was noble and strong. The parallel to her life becomes self-evident unfortunately for her too little too late.

It keeps one wondering what could have possibly brought the sweet Desdemona to be his wife. Apart from speaking of his horse, there is nothing else that the Neapolitan prince does, a trait of a southern Italian; the Palatine County is an unadulterated dullard; he is not capable of laughing at anything; "Monsieur Le Bon" is "every man in no man"- meaning that he has several variable and superficial natures, however, no single and significant one according to Portia, getting married to him would be like getting married to twenty husbands.

Loyal Wife of Othello essay presented on this page should not be viewed as a sample of our on-line writing service. Even when he is falsely accusing her of adultery and sin, Desdemona defends Othello.

Desdemona Character Analysis essays" Excellent wretch, perdition catch my soul, But I do love thee, and when I love thee not, Chaos is come again. (Othello ) In Othello by William Shakespeare, Othello and Desdemona run away to get married and attempt to build a life together, despite.

Desdemona has a strong and enduring love for Othello—even though, at the same time, she does not really know him very well. Her wish to clear him of the guilt of her death is the final proof of it, but there are several others. Desdemona: Loyal Wife of Othello Othello is also a unique tragedy in that it focuses on the destruction of love through sexual jealousy.

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It is a domestic tragedy. Desdemona’s Undying Love - Desdemona’s Undying Love In relationships, there cannot be two headstrong characters; someone has to take the backseat every once in a while.

Desdemona’s objective throughout this play was to be the strong woman that we know her as, but to preserve her unconditional love for Othello.

In this essay let us. Love can make people do some crazy things, and love can make you blind to the truth around you. Desdemona loved Othello so much she was willing to go through the pain he was putting her through.

She cannot help being made into a sign, and she cannot determine her signification. An Analysis of Desdemona's Innocence in Othello, a Play by William Shakespeare PAGES 2.

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Desdemonas undying love essay
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Introduction to Shakespeare's Desdemona from Othello